Feb 10, 2009

Exit Polls - No Comment

The exit polls have predicted that Kadima has surpassed the Likud and won more votes. That would likely give Tzippi Livni the first opportunity to build a coalition and allow her to become prime minister.

A number of people have emailed me asking what I thought about that.

My response is that I am ignoring it. These are only results based on exit polls. In Israel the exit polls are notorious for being inaccurate, usually by a significant amount of mandates. That means in a prediction of such a close race (they are saying the difference between Kadima and Likud is only a difference of two seats), by the time they count the votes any result is reasonable.

This is also why I never commented on the regular stream of polls that were published during the election campaign. The pollsters are wrong all the time, and are known to have their own agendas. I consider them unreliable and not worthy of coment. The same with exit polls.

So, I will go to sleep, and wake up in the morning and check the news. By then they will have actually counted the votes and will declare a winner. Be it Bibi or Tippi, I will only comment after the votes are counted.

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