Feb 3, 2009

Fast Day for no rain

Ladaat.net is reporting that the Eida Haredis has called for this Thursday to be a fast day due to the serious lack of rain.

Of course they blame it on the decreasing level of tzniyus, because what else could cause a lack of rain...

I also like how they say the problem with no rain is that it is going to cause a problem for the wheat needed for shmura matza soon...

The following is the sign we will soon see all over Jerusalem...


  1. will you be fasting?

  2. who's got the hotline to G-d??
    Who received Hashem's message that it's all because of tznius?
    The drought could be due to any of the hundreds of aveirot that are comitted by am yisrael here and around the world every minute of every day.
    So i just want to know which Gadol ha Dor had a quick word with G-d and found out that of all these aveirot, it was good old tznius that was the crunch issue of the day....

  3. Of course, of course it's the lack of tzniyut that causes the drought-rationally speaking (זה הגיוני, נכון?)
    Good grief. Next they'll burn witches at the stake.
    This is Judaism??

  4. How do they know it's not pedophilia or child abuse... or burning garbage bins on Shabbat? There is quite a long list of possible reasons besides tznius... maybe even the elevation of tznius to avoda zara.


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