Feb 26, 2009

Peres the Extremist - fascinating story

Ynet ran an article the other day about the overuse of the term "extremist" and how it is being thrown about by politicians accusing each other of extremism, yet nobody has any idea what is considered "normal", so nobody knows what is considered "extreme".

It is therefore very appropriate that today Ynet has run an article in which Rav Yisrael Ariel, the director of Machon Hamikdash in Jerusalem, tells a story about Shimon Peres that shows Peres is really the extremist...

That accusation against Peres, calling him an extremist is really tongue in cheek, but he says it while telling over a fascinating story from Israel's history.

Rav Ariel used to be the Rav of Yamit - the largest of the settlements in the Sinai desert, that was uprooted in the peace agreement with Egypt.

Rav Ariel relates that they wanted to establish a hesder yeshiva in Yamit. They held a meeting with Shimon Peres, then Minister of Defense, to discuss the idea.

Shimon Peres was against starting a yeshiva in Yamit. Peres surprised everyone and said he prefers to start the yeshiva at the foot of Mt. Sinai, where the Jews were given the Torah. Peres said there would be no problem starting such a yeshiva, and he would take care of all the procedural issues and arrangements.

When they asked Peres logistically how it would be possible - just as far as transportation - how would anyone get there to such an isolated place in the middle of the desert, Peres said he could work it out. Peres said he could have a helicopter take the boys home once a month for shabbos.

The idea suggested by peres was discussed in meetings between Peres and the yeshiva committees of Bnei Akiva. In the end it did not work out, and the yeshiva was eventually established in Yamit.


  1. i saw an article once that peres wants to build a whole resort community on the arava in the south. Make look a little las vegas-ey with all sorts of resorts and golf courses, etc....
    a far cry from the yeshiva at har sinai, huh?

  2. if I remember correctly, that was supposed to be near the dead sea. I think it included something about being a joint resort with Jordan...

  3. the real Sinai and Sea of Reeds is in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government doesn't allow ANYONE to go near it. There was even a momument found built by Shlomo HaMelech at the foot of the crossing.

    Shimon Peres isn't a bad guy. The religious right tries to make him sound like Darth Vader when in reality he does more good than OH GOSH! HERE WE GO AGAIN! stealing from poor Moroccans in Sderot.

    Too Bad Sharon had a to go.. SHARON-PERES-BARAK Kadima party would have brought in 60+seats.

  4. mbd - I read a great book called the Gold of Exodus where they went on the route of the exodus as described in the bible and searched for evidence. they"proved" the route went through Saudi Arabia.

    but who am i to decide. Most opinions say otherwise.

  5. Rav YAAKOV Ariel (current chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan - brother of Rav YISRAEL Ariel from the Mikdash institute) used to be the Rosh Yeshiva of the hesder in Yamit.

    (Rav Itiel Ariel, Rav of the main Shul of RBS A is the son of Rav Yaakov Ariel.)

  6. Boy, I'm thinking of the cool names of sefarim that would have been produced by the members of Yeshivat Har Sinai, especially if his name is Moshe.

    משה קבל תורה מסיני
    הלכה למשה מסיני
    סיני ועוקר הרים
    בהר סיני לאמר
    עלת תמיד העשויה בהר סיני
    סיני בקדש

    Their weekly publication would be called "Torah Misinai".

    A new shidduch organization could helicopter girls there to check out the bachurim, and call it "Saw you at Sinai" (oh, sorry, that's taken already)

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  8. Rafi G,

    every Jewish mind has been thrown into Herem - from the RambaM to Rav Steinsaltz.

    Sometimes you just have to leave the insane Jewish version of the Catholic Church and do your own thing within the bounds of halacha m'sinai.


    we were never supposed to be afraid of the natural world around us going against the Torah.

  9. sorry for the delay in responding tronx.
    The terms mean:
    Moshe Received the Torah from Sinai
    The laws of Moshe from Sinai
    Sinai and Uprooting the Mountains (play on words from a debate in the Talmud, sinai referring to someone who knows a vast amount of text at a more basic level and "uprooting mountains" referring to someone who knows less text but at a very deep level.)
    On Mt. Sinai Saying
    The Daily Tamid Offering Made on Mt Sinai
    Sinai in Kadesh

    These are all plays on words using phrases from the Torah and Talmud with the word Sinai...

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  11. B"H

    Let us not forget that Peres was and is motivated by his own interests.

    He was "supportive" of Sinai Jews and their issues only to distinguish himself from then rival Rabin.

    As far as his Valley of Peace initiative, it's yet another Eruv Rav strategy to water down Israeli sovereignty and to unite Yishmael with Esau. Arabs and Europe are invited to "invest" in the project.

    That's all we need, more goyim in the country. {sigh}


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