Feb 4, 2009

A sign from Hashem for whom to not vote!!

UTJ was supposed to have a big rally in Jerusalem, right about now, in an attempt to shore up support and win back some of their disenfranchised voters.

Rav Elyashiv was going to, probably (was being assumed by all), sign a declaration calling for everyone to vote UTJ, and then most of the rabbonim who have refused to sign until now would likely fall in line and sign. Then at least most of the disenfranchised voters would likely vote for UTJ as usual.

The rally was canceled at the last minute, due to the death of Rav Elyashiv's son in law, Rav Yosef Yisraelson.

A friend, Josh Nathan, said to me, that this must be a sign from God not to vote UTJ. Right as they were about to sign the paper telling people to vote for them, God caused it to not be signed.

I don't like speaking in God's name, but everybody else does nowadays anyway, so maybe it is a sign?

If it is a sign, I would really prefer a sign of who God does want me to vote for, and not just a sign of who He does not want me to vote for!

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes.


  1. The TTYL molestation scandal is being brought up again:


  2. Rafi, this has got to be one of the best posts I have read in along time. I am really sorry but I despise Gimmel. I hate how they manipulate the public so so cynically with what is so clearly goat raisins (sorry, I really have strong feelings about this.) And I love to see the infighting which exposes these frauds. (oh, whoops, of course the machlokesin are are like Beis SHammai /Hillel, yeah right) It is just bittersweet it had to come at the expense of the niftar, z"l,

    You do not need a sign from Heaven as to whom to vote for. You have to use your head and zehu. The rest is in Hashem's hands. Actually the ikkar is in Hashem's hands. Voting is a just a hishtadlus and does not really determine things. We are mechuyov to make a hishtadlus and that's that. Do not make the tofel ikar.

    We daven everyday - 'v'sakenenu b'etitza tova m'l'fonecha' - and you should be mechaven there for whatever specific eitza you need, but ultimately - do not fret about it for ultimately He is in control.

  3. It could be true, but it might not be. Looks like they are having the rally on sunday anyways. Hence, when RYSE says to vote gimmel, you can fulfil the mitzvah of "afilu al yemin shehu smol" - since you "feel" there is a clear sign :) in one direction, and the gedolim tell you to do the opposite

  4. It is hard to remember that we only know what we know. Beyond that it is anybody's guess.


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