Feb 25, 2009

Welcome Hamodia to the late 20th Century!

Hamodia has joined the late 20th century and now has a website!

Chaptzem is upset at Hamodia because of a perceived hypocrisy in the sense that Hamodia has, first of all, always been so anti, but more so because until now they have rejected advertisements that contained websites. And suddenly they are starting their own site!

(Thanks to Parshablog for pointing them out)

If you look at the comments there, it looks like people generally agree with those sentiments.

I disagree. I think we should praise Hamodia for finally having the courage to take the jump. So they used to be against it? Nobody changes their mind? Circumstances are different now. Maybe they see that they will not succeed without a website. Maybe they see the web is so prevalent, they already lost that battle.

About the ads, I am not sure what Chaptzem is talking about. Pick up the paper of any week (in English) and you will see ads with websites. They got rid of that policy (unofficially at least) a long time ago.

So, we condemn them when they oppose the internet, and now we condemn them when they accept the internet. What do we want from them exactly?

I think Hamodia made a good move starting a website. I hope it helps the marketing of their newspaper.


  1. its clearly geared for the US community. I think the anti-internet comes mainly from Israel.

  2. looks a bit shvach. Bit like the mishpacha website. They need a proper daily news roundup with feedback like YWN if they are going to make a differnce

  3. I think everyone's peed off about their original holier than thou attitude and then now their quiet unexplained about face.

    With regard to their ad policy, as far as I know they still do not accept ads for businesses that are strictly online.

  4. I did not know there was a difference between strictly online, and between an ad mentioning a website.
    It could be. I have noticed more and more websites mentioned in ads in the past year or so.

  5. I lived through a tekufa when the USA Yated wouldn't accept my ads since they had a WWW in them, but then their policy changed. But check www.yated.com and/or www.yatedneeman.com and you'll see the "under construction" thing with their phone # for paper subscribtion


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