Feb 3, 2009

doing the work for Avigdor Lieberman

Everyone in the left is making a big deal about the revelation that Avigdor Lieberman was at one time a member of Kach - Rabbi Kahane's movement/party that was declared illegal due to racism.

Fist of all, they do not understand that the bigger a deal they make of him, the more popular he becomes. I would advise Avigdor Lieberman to stop wasting his money on campaigning - the left is doing all the work for him. Go to the Meretz website, and all you see are pictures of Avigdor Lieberman. Listen to Labor or Meretz talk and all you hear is Lieberman this and Lieberman that.

Second, who cares if he was or was not a member of Kach? I can see them using it to paint him as an extremist (do they really need that anyway? they have been doing that just fine without the latest revelation), but beyond that? Why is it interesting? Labor is trying to have it investigated to see if he really was a member or not. Why? Is there a law against former Kach'niks serving in government? The law, as far as I know, only says Kach is illegal, and it is illegal to use the name and imagery of Kach. As long as Lieberman is only a former member, why should there be any legal problem with it?

What difference does it make?


  1. "Why is it interesting? "

    because it helps them deflect attention from the racist arabs who sit in the kenesset

  2. B"H

    What many people do not know is...

    1. Rav Kahane ztz" hy"d actually disbanded Kach shortly before his assassination. Board members like Baruch Marzel and others just seemed to ignore the Rav. Then when he was killed, they had a lot motivation to keep things going.

    2. It was the "right" which was instrumental in getting Kach "outlawed," not the left. The efforts were led by MK Geulah Cohen {Tehiyah, formerly of the Likud}. The were afraid of what the polls showed, that Kach would get 14 seats in the Kenesseth. They were losing mandates, not the Left.

    3. Rav Kahane was really the first voice behind the cause of Jewish refuniks in the USSR. He orchestrated the take over of the World Council of Churches {1979?}, among many other protests. Only later did it become PC, even popular, to work for Jews to leave the USSR, of course, w/o any mention of Rav Kahane's name.

    You can see why Rav Kahane was popular with Jews from the former Soviet Union. Perhaps this was what attracted him to Kach.


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