Feb 2, 2009

UTJ finally wakes up

I woke up this morning to find, 9 days before the elections, the first campaign material for UTJ in my mailbox. They have finally realized there is an election coming up and have now started to get to work. The truth is that UTJ always works best at the last minute, so maybe their not doing anything (except fight with each other), was a good way of saving money and energy for the last minute when they work best.

They must have finally realized they were heading for a serious crash, as many natural UTJ voters have been very disappointed with them, and upset at all the infighting. People have been talking about taking their vote elsewhere this year, either to an alternative haredi party like Shas, or Ichud Leumi, or even to secular parties like Likud.

So they put out this "newspaper" with articles saying why it is important to vote UTJ. All 15 articles were pretty much the same, but I must say that I think they did a good job. The message was clear, and if a natural UTJ voter would read the paper with an open mind, he would devlop a guilty conscience and consider voting UTJ again.

Basically they worked on the theme that despite all the fighting, the ship is sinking and now is not the time to abandon it, but to work to right the ship. If UTJ does not have a storng presence in knesset, the yeshivas will be headed for a disaster with serious budget cuts, etc.

I am pretty sure that if they stay on that theme, they will be bale to give enough people a guilty enough conscience to not switch their vote, and I would not be surprised if they even squeak out 6 seats again. I cannot see them growing to 7, as natural growth numbers would indicate should happen, but I can see them squeezing out 6 as a best case (from their perspective) scenario.

It aint over till the fat lady sings. In 9 days, anything can happen!


  1. I personally thought the material was lame and the message uninspiring. I would love to have a real reason to vote for them, but non seems forth-coming.

    Is Litzman going to come to RBS and give a Q&A?

  2. oh, I agree, and that is why I only described it as being able to give enough of a guilty conscience for someone who naturally votes for them, to bring his vote "back home". The message was not inspiring, and will not attract new voters, but I think it is good enough to give that guilty conscience to people thinking about leaving.

    It might help them hold the 6th seat.

    I have no idea about Litzman. He has taken a very low profile.

  3. Pravda could have written some of it:

    we give you your bread, your water, your diros, your Admmorim Tishen your Boti Medrash - we and only we care and support you and you refuse to support us?!

    Just Pravda could not have used the moshol from the Bas Kohen who defames her heritage and gets Sereifa as a result.

    These guys are vile manipulators.

  4. The material is an insult to peoples intelligence. They came up with pictures and declarations of Gedolim from past generations like the CC to ask people to vote.
    As you wrote they are playing on peoples guilt feelings if they dont vote for them. I think it might actually work, and I'll probably vote for them because of this.

  5. I think must people will vote for them cause all the gedolim said to. If thats a guilty consience for you then i feel sorry for you.


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