Feb 11, 2009


A particularly ironic moment I enjoyed last night while watching Tzippi Livni's speech was when she was describing the formation of Kadima and its more or less "raison d'etre".

Livni was talking about clean government, getting rid of the corruption, and bringing in a new way to Israeli politics.

While she was talking about this, the camera was panning around on the faces of the happy Kadima MKs sitting at the podium behind her. While she was saying this we saw the faces of Tzachi Hanegbi, Roni Bar-On, Ruama Avraham-Balila, Eli Aflalo, and Haim Ramon, all MKs who have either been convicted or are under investigation for various crimes of moral turpitude.

Just a moment of irony I picked up on...


  1. History shows us that those who carp about ending corruption turn out to be brutal and repressive.

    Livni is a monster, literally. And now she's going to have nothing standing in her way. She's prepared to unleash extreme violence on Jewish populations in Judea and Samaria. She'll be even more violent than Barak, just to show everyone she's got you-know-whats. I'm truly concerned about our future.

  2. Not to mention that she chasing after Lieberman who is also under investigation

  3. Don't forget the irony of her saying that a majority of voters want her to be prime minister, when:
    a) the election was not over who gets to be prime minister, it was a knesset vote, with the MKs getting to choose prime minister;
    b) ignoring the above, an overwhelming majority of voters chose someone besides Livni.

  4. Ah, but politicians are immune to irony. It just goes over their heads.

    How else can we explain their ability to sit in coalitions with the very people they viciously attacked the day before...

  5. lol

    like what has happened today:
    Livni met with Lieberman and said it is time to push his agenda, when just the other day he was a far right extremist. Yishai said he could sit with Lieberman when the other day Lieberman was Satan.
    Lieberman said he could sit with Shas. Until today his whole campaign was against Shas.
    etc. etc. etc.

  6. First of all, Livni and her ilk think the word "kadimah" in HaTikvah refers to them.

    Secondly, she does really believe that the majority of Israelis voted for her. After all, the ones who voted for Netanyahu and the other right wing parties don't count. Take them out of the tally and she did get the majority.

  7. The situation here is a perfect model of the kind of government and society depicted in Orwell's "Nineteen-Eighty-Four".

    In that book, the character Emmanuel Goldstein is the arch-enemy of Ingsoc and Big Brother.

    Goldstein's book "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" outlines the structure of the repressive society and the ideology that sustains it.

    You can read this online:

    Pay special attention to the concepts of Doublespeak, Crimestop, and Newspeak, all of which manifest themselves every day in the Israeli press and political establishment.

  8. I read 1984 so long ago, no way I can remember all those details! Maybe it is time to read it again...

  9. Rafi... go to the online version of Goldstein's book


    It's laid out to make it easy to study.

  10. @Bob Martin, you forgot to mention the 2 minute hate! But don't forget that much of western mainstream media is based on that idea, not just Israel's.

    1984 is a must read!

  11. Simon:

    Ah, yes! The Two Minute Hate!

    You're correct about it not being limited to Israel. But since I made Aliyah and have been here to experience the reality of the Hitnatkut, action against friends and acquaintances in Tapuah, Amona, and Hevron, it seems like Israel has used Orwell as a textbook for government rather than a manual for what to avoid.

    Politics is the CONSEQUENCE, not the cause. To a significant degree, a society gets the government it deserves. So what are we doing (or not doing) to deserve this?

    What's missing with those of us who think we should have a Torah-based government is the lack of willingness to use violence. Only those who use violence are able to affect policy. Look at the Left and the Muslims. They don't hesitate to use violence.

    I'm not advocating senseless violence such as is done by the Left and the Muslims. Just pointing out an historical fact.

    Here's what Heinlein said about the subject...

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue -- and -- thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.” --Robert A. Heinlein

  12. @Bob Martin, funny that you should mention governments we deserve, because I wrote a short post about it earlier today, asking the question of who we deserve and what we ought to do to deserve better... Leaders we deserve


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