Feb 5, 2009

By one vote (video)

At first I thought this video was satire, as if Livni won the election by one vote, and everyone blames the one guy who did not go to vote, as if it was his fault the Likud lost, while around the world the arabs celebrate Livni's victory.

Then the video concludes, and you figure out that it is a Likud video trying to show what could happen if voters will be complacent, assuming a Likud victory, and not actually go out to vote thinking they don't need to.

This video impressed me...

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  1. This is a poorly done copy of a campaign by MoveOn which showed Obama loosing the US election by one vote, and the blame put on one individual that didn't vote.
    You cans ee an example of the video here:
    (you can customize it with a different name)

    That campaign was cute.

    The Israeli equivilent doesn't make sense as Livnni can't win or loose by one vote - she's not running! Kadima is. We vote for parties here, not individuals, and no party will win the elction outright, rather they will need to make a coalition.

  2. The problem with the video is that it encourages everyone to vote, not just Likud members.


    Not true. We vote for parties for Knesset. The same vote decides who will be asked to form the government and become prime minister. The heads of parties have already been decided, so that is the slate of people up for prime minister. Its a shame that we can't vote for Knesset and prime minister separately, but it doesn't mean that we don't vote for prime minister.

  3. Yoni - I encourage everyone to vote, even if they are not voting Likud.


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