Feb 5, 2009

No Message to the Nation

I am disappointed with Netanyahu's "Message to the Nation" of yesterday, that wa sonly posted in the middle of the night.

It was not really a message to the nation, but he posted the speech he gave at the Herzliya Conference and titled it "Message of the Day".

So I am not going to post it. That is a cheap cop out. If you are going to make a short video message every day directly to the people, do it. Don't just take videos from other places.

He wasn't even looking at the camera during the speech - he was looking at the audience. So how can we accept that as a message to us?


  1. Rafi, how about a bit of nostalgia and post this one http://tinyurl.com/likud92

  2. Is it me or is this a very quiet election?
    Maybe it's cos I don't have a tv that i'm missing all the excitement, or because i don't drive to Tel Aviv along the Ayalon and i'm missing the billboards,,, but where's all the buzz?
    Is it a. Everyone has already made up their minds who they're voting for? b. Everyone is paralysed by confusion about the miniscule differences between the right wing dati parties? c. No-one's planning to vote cos the whole things a waste of time (Hands up who voted for Ariel Sharon in the hope of a good strong right wing government...)
    d. There is a big buzz and i'm just missing it.

    Can we have a vote on it?
    (or would voter apathy make it a waste of time?)

  3. You're disappointed in Bibi?

    Wow, I really thought we'd have to wait until after the elections to start hearing that...

  4. rw - don't know, but 30% still say they are undecided. I dont know why it is so quiet. Maybe people just dont care.

    Jeremy - Bibi will definitely disappoint. But he is the lesser of the evils.


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