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Mar 16, 2009

3 boys in Japan and the mafia (video)

Israel's Channel 10 did an analysis of what happened and how the 3 yeshiva boys got arrested in Japan for smuggling, unwittingly, drugs for someone else. The following video is the Channel 10 show that also uncovers the possibility of mafia connections...

10 from shay cohen on Vimeo.


  1. if i understood the video, and assuming the presentation was correct, these boys knew they were doing something wrong (even if they didn't realize the magnitude)

  2. Thank you Rafi for sharing this with us

    As much rachmonos as I have on the boys, and I daven that they will be freed, it scares me to think that they thought (according to the video) that they were evading taxes. Does this attitude stem from being part of Satmar that has a law unto itself?

  3. LOZ - yes, it seems they did.

    Shalom - on the one hand, many, or most, people do the same, on a smaller scale. How many times have you gone through the "nothing to declare" line when walking through customs even though you know that you have at least 5 things in your suitcase that by law should be declared?
    True, that is usually for personal use, so it might be easier tor ationalize, whereas this was clearly for profit, even though it was not for their profit. But still - even for personal use, by not declaring, we are essentially doing the same, albeit on a smaller scale.

  4. Rafi - very true and I actually meant to add that bit - but forgot.

    It's the culture - we have got to get out of this "the world owes us" mentality, and start acting like responsible, law-abiding citizens

  5. RAFI:

    "even though it was not for their profit"

    who paid for those very expensive tickets to japan?

    and i don't buy their story that they thought it was just antiquities. the suitcases were very heavy but nothing was inside, i.e., the suitcase was clearly lined with something more compact than antituities. they might not have know if it was drugs, diamonds or cash, but they could not have been that dumb.


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