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Mar 1, 2009

Lindsay Lohan on Facebook: I'm Converting

I wonder if this is considered "conversion for marriage".... Lohan is converting, or at least trying to go through the process, to show her love and devotion to her Jewish girlfriend...

LiLo visited a London synagogue with her DJ girlfriend on Friday. And then she returned to the same place of worship in South Kensington for more yesterday – as Samantha’s official date for the bar mitzvah of her half-brother Joshua Ronson.

And Lindsay showed she’s really becoming part of the family by joining in with the post-bar mitzvah lunch in London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Lindsay has even made her decision “official” – by updating her Facebook profile to say “I’m converting”. That’s commitment.

1 comment:

  1. ivanka trump is converting for marriage, and she is doing it with an orthodox rabbi too!


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