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Mar 8, 2009

It is 10:30 in the morning, do you know where your kids are?

More Updated Information:

You can see pictures of his car and license plate here, along with getting more details. He is getting around. If what is written there is true, the police picked him up in Modiin and found money he collected "on behalf of Hatzalah", along with fake passports each with different names from various countries.


Updated Information:

The fellow in question is British. he showed up in RBS last week from England. he is driving a silver Mercedes with English license plates, and has hatzalah stickers and lights on his car, and he dresses with hatzalah vests and passes perfectly as a hatzalah person.

That being said, he has not been seen in RBS this week. The thought is that RBS is too small for him - it is difficult to not be noticed. He is probably basing himself in a larger city (Jerusalem probably) and moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, showing up in different areas at different times.

This person moved around England, and has been under numerous investigations. He has gotten out of them because in the end nobody would ever testify against him. I am told he is wealthy and "powerful" and has been known to threaten his accusers, which cause them to back down.

And he preys on young boys and teenage girls.

So keep your eyes open.

Again, Hatzalah RBS has nothign to do with this guy. He is an impostor.

That being said, Hatzalah RBS has taken a big hit recently. I am told that because of the financial problems, people are using hatzalah more than before (rather than MDA - so as to avoid having to pay MDA's ambulatory charge), yet donations are scarcer also because of the financial troubles people are in. And now

If you are able to donate to Hatzalah RBS and help them continue saving lives, contact your local Hatzalah representative.

This is a public service warning that you should be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to whom you are dealing with.

I don't have any specific details yet about this, but it seems there is someone going around the neighborhood, dressed up as a member of Hatzalah, and "molesting" children. I don't know how far the molesting goes, but he seems to get the kids attention and trust by posing as a beloved member of Hatzalah.

I am only posting this even though I don't know too many details because of the gravity of the situation, and the fact that anyway it is good to teach kids not to speak to strangers, no matter what uniform they are wearing. As well, many people already know about it, chain calls are going around telling people to not leave their kids alone outside, etc.

So keep your eyes open...


  1. this is nuts. please post more details as soon as you are made aware. We can try and arrange a neighborhood patrol until this sicko is caught.

  2. When will this silliness end?

    First a beloved rebbe is accused by several kids in his class of "molestation".

    Other members of our community have had to field such nonsense as well.

    Now someone is accusing a dedciated public servant from Hatzolo of the same thing?

    Shame on these children who are obviously conspiring to bring down adults through vicious accusations.

  3. I am told the accusation is not against a member of hatzalah, but someone using a hatzalah vest to pose as a hatzalah person

  4. In any case...who is going to stop these children from trying to ruin the lives of adults?

  5. and who is going to stop the adults from trying to ruin the lives of the kids....

  6. children do not lie....Adults need to learn to listen to them

    "Shame on these children who are obviously conspiring to bring down adults through vicious accusations."

    shame on you for not listeneing
    to the children

  7. Obviously, and unfortunately, both children and adults do lie.

    However, all claims should be investigated thoroughly and parents should make sure their kids are safe and extra careful with strangers.

  8. So whatever happened to the beloved rebbe?

    and why are you saying, kids say? Are you saying that molestation and abuse do not occur? or are you saying that the behavior occurs but you don't call it molestation, you think that its ok. I am just not sure how or why you have a blanket statement that children who claim to have been molested are conspiring and imply that it is all lies all the time.
    Do you have kids?

  9. I'm hoping this kids say guy is just trying to stir the pot or make fun of the kinds of people who say these things. Otherwise, that's just sick.

  10. The "beloved" rebbe is still teaching and a threat to all of the children in that school.

    It is the administartion of the school and the rabbonim of our community who protect, defend and enable such people to walk freely among us.

    Unfortunatley the victims of this rebbe (and there are at least 5 who have come forward according to the police) have to live with their fears and emotional injuries.
    In the case of the rebbe to whom we refer the children and their families have been outcast by other parents in the school who claim "it didn't happen".

    I hope that these parents never have to face a child of their own who has been violated by such a monster and then victimized again by the community around them.

    I feel ashamed to even be associated with such people.

    There will be no place to run or hide on the Yom HaDin for these excuses for human beings who allow this to happen.

  11. I don't want to start that whole thread again - just since it was brought up what is the official latest from the police about the investigation of the Rebbe?

    It has been over half a year - what have they determined? (just facts plz)

  12. Apparently, the Rebbe is still teaching and hasn't been convicted or even charged. I don't know why the investigation takes so long.
    The police don't publicize their progress on the case, so unless you are the victims family, you're unlikely to find out.

    From what I have heard, many cases like this never go anywhere due to lack of evidence.
    There is a possible connection between the Rebbe case and today.

    The result of how this is handled:
    All the molestors know
    RBS is the place to go.
    They won't believe a kid
    When he says what you did
    Even when the word gets out
    They'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Anon of 4:32-

    The police have dragged it along as the original detective went on chofshet leida, was followed by an arab who couldn't care less and now has been re-opened by a new balaash.

    What the police do say:
    5 people offered complaints about him
    2 other people complained then withdrew (the police feel that there was coercion from the community)
    They are still investigating.

    His present school (TE) never listed him as an employee with the Misrad HaChinuch and that is why he wasn't removed from the school.
    This is now being battled in the legal system.

    Anon of 6:00- you are 100% correct.
    RBSA has become known as a safe place for molesters as the rabbonim and community leaders defend, protect and enable them.
    This combined with the fact that there are thousands of little children around make our community a virtual Disney World for pedophiles and other pervs.

  14. Rafi - you did not mention WHERE. Was this in RBS?

  15. sorry, Akiva. I thought it was self-explanatory. yes, in RBS.
    The only new piece of info I have heard is that the perp is British.

  16. If the community leaders and Rabbonim would make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated (even when done by a member of the Charedi community) and molesters will be prosecuted by the full extent of the law perhaps then we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

    All the learning, hasmoda, chumros and Kolei Kriah will mean nothing for these Rabbonim when they have to face the Melech Malechei HaMelachim.

    HE will demand from THEM as to why they didn't protect HIS children!

  17. can we get a name?
    can we get a photo of him and/or his car?
    How about a physical description (it is easy for him to change his costume)?

  18. Akiva Kagan update:

    The police are wrapping up this case in the coming weeks.

    It dragged along because of the changing of detectives AND....

    Another child came forward to report to the police but they didn't follow "protocol". Instead of attaching it to the other 3 children they started a different investigation. Basically this means that 2 tikkim were opened and the police had to combine the tikkim into one.

    This being said because of the time that has elapsed and the bungling by the police the prosecutor may not actually be able to file charges.

    However to quote the authorities:
    "we know that something was done to these children by this man. It is a shame that it might take more children being harmed before he is stopped by the community".

  19. Why are we accusing this man.

    Did anyone actually see him do something?

    Or was it just children inventing these things becuase they don't like Hatzlola? Perhaps they didn't get to wear a Hatzlola costume last year and this is their revenge.

    This man looks like such a tzaddik..how could he do such things?

    Were rabbonim consulted before these allegations were made public?

    Perhaps we are not allowed to post his license plate and car or even say that he is British.

    We could be ruining this man's life if these accusations are false.

  20. Anonymous 10:34 are you for real? Are you seriously suggesting that people should not put out a warning to parents because the man in question "looks like such a tzadik"?

    With purim right around the corner I would have assumed you would remember that appearances can be deceiving!

  21. Excuse me happy duck.

    Akiva Kagan looks like a tzaddik and he was accused by kids. Everyone said look at him..he is such a tzaddik...it must be the kids making things up.

    So too in this case...if it looks like a "duck"...

  22. Are there any photos of this fake Hatzalah guy? The car looks a bit familiar and if it's who I think it is, he's been posing as a Hatzalah guy for over 5 years... in Jerusalem and the Gush.

  23. pesky - I have not seen any photos

  24. Dear Happyduck (and others)

    I surmise that "Kids say"and some of the anons here are parents of kids molested by Akiva Kagan.

    I have a close friend whose son was one of the victims. You have no idea what these people went through from rabbonim,neighbors and their kids friend's families.

    I could understand how they could become cynical about this issue. Very few people believed their children or them.

    I think that this is a tongue-in-cheek response to those who are all of sudden (and rightly so) concerned about this Hatzola guy.

    Perhaps they question if some of these same "worriers"questioned their kid's story.

  25. Ok, please read what I wrote. I am firmly in the court of believing the kids.

    I says looks can be deceiving and just because someone looks like a Tadzhik does not mean he is.

  26. Rafi, all of these posts in the link you posted are from November. This guy was questioned by the police then and he's still roaming around?

  27. I did not pay attention to the dates in those links. but yes. he was spotted in rbs last week. loitering near a couple of schools (he does not have kids in those schools. they chased him away not knowing who he was at the time.

  28. Commentator Abbi,

    There is a man who has been accused by 4 different children of molestation, was brought in by police and is still under investigation and yet he is in the classroom every day with children.

    And no one says anything.

    Why question Rafi about a guy from November?

  29. What ever happened to those days when, if the authorities couldn't take care of such problems, a few [big and strong] baalei batim "took care of it"?

  30. I'm not questioning our esteemed host. I'm just genuinely dumbfounded that this has been going on since November.

    Yes, I've read of the other molestation story on Rafi's blog and I've commented on it.

    It's very sad.


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