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Mar 8, 2009

Scoop! Joint Cooperating in RBS!

I have the exclusive scoop on this item of neighborhood news.

In what seems to be an unprecedented event in RBS, the Kupa Shel RBS A has agreed to work with Lemaan Achai as a joint venture and cooperation.
The first signs of the joint venture can be seen with the Kupa pasting their signs for Purim collection on Lemaan Achai property.
We are all waiting to see how Lemaan Achai will take advantage of the joint venture and how they will benefit from the Kupa's RBS presence.

Regardless, the mere fact of such an explicit sign of recognition on behalf of the Kupa in favor of Lemaan Achai is welcomed and blessed by residents all around RBS.

May we be zoche to see more such cooperations between the local charities in the future!


  1. Uh, Rafi... do you know something we don't beyond the pictures?
    All I can see is that the Kupa posterers had the basic decency of not plastering over the Lemaan Achai sign. If you're inferring anything else from that, that's either Purim Torah or wishful thinking...

  2. Purim Torah. They used the Lemaan Achai fence to advertise themselves, and as you say they even allowed Lemaan Achai's name to remain next to theirs!
    A year ago they would have just covered LA's name completely!

  3. Actually they had posted over Lema'an Achai's name (I saw it happen Thursday night) but someone pulled it off of the name.


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