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Mar 30, 2009

Getting Engaged on a(non-mehadrin) Egged bus (video)

This never could have happened had the bus been a mehadrin bus....

Funny that they say "we're surprised you don't have to pee"... and that the policeman tries to stop them but then let's them continue when they explain....

Only in Israel!

(HT: Jameel)


  1. Hilarious - what a guy!

  2. Hysterical.

    I'm just wondering why the policeman tried to stop them? And why their getting engaged would make it OK the break whatever law it was they were breaking in the first place?

  3. disturbing the peace perhaps?

    they clearly were not breaking any laws, but maybe the policeman was nervous about what might be on the way.. when he understood it was just crazy americans and someone getting engaged, he backed off....

  4. http://onlysimchas.com/v4/index.cfm/fuseaction:simcha.view/simchaid:82249

  5. The policeman was actually in on the event - he is a friend of the chosson...


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