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Mar 8, 2009

Haredi television

The day you never thought would come has come.

Many many years ago, the haredi banned television. the ban was probably one of its most successful, as it has become standard for people in the haredi community, and other communities as well, to not have televisions, and those that do are the exception rather than the rule. Many other bans have been tried, but none have had the overwhelming level of success as the ban on television.

Who would have thought that television would be back in the haredi community, albeit in the form of the internet.

HydePark/BeChadrei Charedim has now launched its own "television station" on their site. They will be broadcasting shows and clips of interest about the haredi community - interviews, programs, clips, conferences, speeches, etc.

I doubt we will get to see haredi versions of 24, the Simpsons and the A-Team, but haredi television it is.


  1. I guess this means that the ban on Internet is not as successful as the ban on TV.

  2. Just wait until someone hacks into the feed. That should make for interesting times.

  3. more nonsense.
    The only reason the ban works is because there is nothing worth watching on Israeli TV anyway.
    How many of us know so many "haredi" families that have TVs in Chu"l. In Chu"l you have to go to places like williamsburg or New Square to find a substantial community w/o TV all the rest have them (even if it's only in the parents bedroom closet)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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