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Mar 23, 2009

What do you protest when you have already protested everything?

Ever hear the conundrum of what to get the person who has everything?

This is taken from the Neturei Karta's most recent newsletter....

The above conundrum can now be revised to say "What do you protest when you have already protested everything?"

Looks like all that is left now is the moon. Next month we will be protesting that nobody should say kiddush levana anywhere that has permission from the Zionists... stay tuned for details. We are making arrangements to fly to Iran for the ceremony...


  1. Uh, wouldn't that include the entire state of Israel? How do NK justify living here under the rule of the Zionists?

  2. I second Commenter Abbi's question: Are they actually saying that one shouldn't recite Birkat HaChamah anywhere in Israel?!

  3. as I said - we are arranging flights to iran for the ceremony...

  4. Isn't the poster about Birchas Hachama, not Kiddush Levana?

  5. Rafi - this is about birkas hachama - the blessing on the sun - once in 28years - not birkas halevana - once a month

  6. SE, Shalom,

    If you read the post, you'll see that Rafi understood. He was employing a quasi-Reductio ad absurdum argument, saying that logic the "birchat hachama" ban will eventually lead to a ban on doing kidush levana anywhere in Israel.

  7. thank you yoni, though I had no idea that that type of logic had a name...

  8. AS my husband, sholom the wonderful likes to say :

    "Today, we are issuing a new, special Isur: Everything which was Muthar till now , from now on is Isur Gamur"......


  9. Rafi,

    Almost every kind of logic has a name. Even different kinds of faulty logic have names.

  10. Word has it that the next sign will say that it's assur to do *any* mitzvot in Israel.
    ("Honey, I'm off to the airport to fly to Cyprus to daven shacharis. Oh, and unless you need me, I think I'll just stick around for minchah. That way I'll have time to eat breakfast and lunch, because as you know, I can't eat kosher food, make brachos, or bench here in the Reshus HaTzee-yoineem...")


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