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Mar 22, 2009

Maybe Livni has the moral right to form the unity government and not Bibi...

PM-elect Benjamin Netanyahu has requested, and been granted, another 14 days to try to form a government coalition. He needs the extra time because he spent a lot of time trying to woo Labor and Kadima into a quasi unity government, and he wants to have some more time to continue trying.

Netanyahu explained his continued attempts to form a unity government, "It is not just what the nation want, it is what the nation needs."

What eludes me is that immediately after the elections, Livni claimed victory based on the fact that Kadima won the largest number of seats of any party. Netanyahu, on the other hand, claimed victory based on the fact that the right wing won the largest bloc of seats and want him to lead the right wing bloc.

So, Netanyahu's whole claim to victory is based on the majority of the nation being right wing (or at least voting for right wing parties) and wanting him, yet he says the nation wants and needs unity and not right wing politics.

If the nation needs, and wants, unity, perhaps it is only right to allow Livni the first chance to form a unity coalition - Netanyahu is the morally correct choice to form a right wing coalition.

(Disclaimer: This rant has nothing to do with the fact that all the right wing parties, and I mean all of them with no exception, have been acting irresponsibly and have been horse trading for positions well beyond what they each deserve, and in Netanyahu's desperation to satisfy them all and have them sign on, he has been extremely forthcoming)

1 comment:

  1. The winner of the election is Olmert.

    Plus it looks like non-Jews will finally be able to marry.


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