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Mar 17, 2009

Kids are sponges

Yesterday, while driving in the car, my 5 year old daughter suddenly said, "There is a marathon".

We're like "what are you talking about? what do you see"

It took a few moments, but eventually we understood that she saw somebody running down the street. he was not in running clothes, and was clearly not running for exercise, but more like running for the bus.

She repeated it a couple of times in different variations - he is a marathon. There is a marathon. etc.

I would never have expected her to pick up the association... (she did not go to Tiberias to see my marathon.).

Kids are sponges.


  1. You really do know how to kill a cute story. First of all she pronounced it- MaraFon. and it took us a couple of tries to figure out what she was saying- and whom she was talking about. Then we asked her what a marafon was - and she said 'when you run and you get a shirt'.

  2. I was never a good story-teller.


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