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Mar 9, 2009

Compensating a satisified customer

In what could easily be considered another Purim style article, yet it was not in the Purim section but in the regular business section of a haredi paper, we have a story that will bring a smile to your pre-Purim face.

Some guy was feeling left out. All his friends tell stories how they bought this or that product, open it up to find it damaged - a bug inside, a hair, spoiled, broken, whatever - they send a letter of complaint to the manufacturer, and the company sends them "peetzuim" - compensation for their trouble in the form of free products beyond the price of the purchased item.

So why was he feeling left out? Because he is a satisfied customer. He never opened a product to find it damaged or spoiled or tainted. So, he never gets free gifts from the companies he buys from. He feels left out.

Just because I have nothing to complain about I should not also get free cans of coke or packages of cheese?

The article goes on to describe how this guy contacted twenty of the large manufacturers of major products that he buys. He sent them all letters saying,
Shalom. When customers write to you complaining about the quality of a specific product, you compensate him. I am happy with your products. I have not recently come across damaged products.
Still, I request you send to me as well the appropriate compensation package for the following reasons:
  1. There is no reason why a happy and satisfied customer should receive less than an unhappy customer. It is much easier to retain happy customers than it is to win over unhappy customers.
  2. I could easily report a problem and get the compensation. The fact that I am honest and not lying to you and being deceitful is not a reason to deprive me of compensation.
  3. Stam. For no particular reason. I don't deserve to be spoiled once in a while? I regularly buy your products paying full price - I don't deserve once in a while a gift "on the house"?
Waiting for your reply,

So, what was the response of the companies?

7 companies responded, either just thanking him for writing to them but they have no way to compensate him, or actually sending him small gifts (samples or coupons or even a gift). One of the companies wrote back saying "our products are so cheap that we cannot afford to give you a gift - thank you for writing and we hope you remain a happy customer."

The other 13 companies did not even bother responding.

What strange stories I am finding nowadays!

1 comment:

  1. Here's something else. At one of the Israeli "Adult ed" Torah places, a lecturer didn't show. To compensate the disappointed class, the lecturer has to give two make-up lessons to accomodate as many students as posible.

    Customer service of a different sort.


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