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Mar 19, 2009

Headline of the Day (hotd)

It is great to be living in a country like Israel. Here I can talk openly, even non-anonymously, against the government and its policies, against the prime minister and his cronies and their corruption, against whatever I feel like, and I do not have to fear going to jail and dying in prison.


  1. that's only cuz the gov't doesn't view you as a threat.

    but people like Federman, Marzel etc. and Kahane in his day as well, had and have much to fear from the govt.

    Same for much of the settlers who have to be very careful in what they say.

    Remember Avishai Raviv?

  2. maybe you don't go to jail if you criticize israel, but you're marked as anti-semite or self-hating jew, at least in the U.S., which is pretty sick.

  3. I wish this was the case. However, I know of an Israeli blogger who was interrogated and in holding in the Russian Compound for having blogged against the Pride Parade in Jerusalem (by the Shabak) (including being put in detention, handcuffed, with Arab security prisoners awaiting interrogation.)

    I know another blogger who was grilled extensively, including under lie detector, about articles expressing opinion about the Shomron. (This grilling was while going for a security clearance, and involved being asked about opinion articles blogged 3 or 4 years ago.)

    General political disagreement is fine in Israel, but anything that THEY perceive as threatening will be treated as such. And THEY ARE monitoring the full Jewish blogosphere in all languages.

  4. Is this the guy who was arrested for the crime of visiting Israel? The purpose of the trip was to see first hand how bad Israel is. He was pro-Iranian government in his blog.

    If this is the same person I am waiting to see the anti-Israel chorus on CBC.


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