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Mar 7, 2009

Were you yotzei "zachor"?

I don't know which paper this was taken from (looks to me like Yated, but I don't know if it is true), but it is a great laugh pre-Purim.

It says to make sure you do not listen to Parshas Zachor beinmg read by a yeshiva bachur/kollel guy who learns full time.
Just like it says that a woman should not read Zachor but a man should because only a man is part of the commandment of goign to war and wiping out Amalek, so also with yeshuva boys who learn full time - they are exempt from participating in "milchemes mitzva".

Therefore, because they are exempt from war, they are also not obligated to read Parshas Zachor, and therefore cannot be "motzi" other people. So you should be careful to only hear Zachor read by someone obligated in battle.

Who knows - maybe it is Purim Torah!!!


  1. Big Mistake!

    Even a "chatam beyom chupato" is obligated to fight in a milchemet mitzvah!

    Milchemet Reshut is another story.


  2. This could become a big argument for giyus in the Haredi community - to provide readers for parshat zachor. You could even make an argument for the mitgaysim that they are being moser nefesh in order lazakot et ha-rabim. Being in tzahal could become a badge of honor for being a true lamed-vav-nik.

  3. Being in tzahal could become a badge of honor for being a true lamed-vav-nik.

    What do you mean "could become"?


  4. ...Stern not Goldmeier.

    Mark. What do you think I mean? I thought that was pretty obvious to the average intelligent reader.


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