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Mar 1, 2009

Sick portrayal of settlers (video)

This is a sick portrayal of settlers. This ran on Israel's Channel 2 television.

If a similar piece of satire was made about the Arabs, it probably would never have aired, the producer would be put in jail. the tv station director would probably be fired, etc...


  1. why do they have american accents?

  2. Because to non settler Israelis, settlers are crazy American olim.

    You might not agree with the clip, Rafi, but what's sick about it? EN did the same thing for Arabs during the war. They're always making fun of Hamas and Arabs.

    To secular Israelis, settlers are crazy gun toting religious American olim who abuse Arabs and whose children scream "Ata NAZZZIIII!!!". Is it the absolute truth? No, but unfortunately, that's their impression. I'm sure most Israelis watching know that there are more to settlers. Maybe not most, but some.

    But the show is satire. I think you have to lighten up a little.

  3. it is a very extreme portrayal.
    I know it is satire, and I did not say they should remove it. Humor is always good, and you should be able to laugh at yourself and everything, but they portray settlers as gun toting and not just trigger happy at Arabs, but at soldiers well. The rest of it I could live with even if it is ridiculous....

  4. I agree it's unsettling, but you have to admit that: settlers tend to tote around guns (whenever i see someone packing a pistol at the Maccabi pharmacy, for example, I'm guessing he doesn't live here in Ranaana) and they have gotten into altercations recently with soldiers (the justification for these altercations is certainly debatable).

    So, it's really not far fetched to imagine them turning them on soldiers.

    It's upsetting to see settlers viewed this way, but in a way it's their own fault. At least in the media, they are devoted to defending their land and many have publicly divorced themselves from the government. They have every right to their beliefs and feelings and I'm not denying that the government has abused them in many ways.

    But from the perspective of the average Israeli in TA, they just seem like crazy extremists.

  5. I thought it was hilarious!!!
    Reminds me of an election broadcast (not satire)from the Hetz party (a breakaway from Shinui)in 2006 in which they portrayed the "settlers" in similar light. http://tinyurl.com/bmuhlt

    Maybe if the "settlers" would act a bit more like the Saba in the clip Rafi posted then the Arabs would be truly scared and no soldier would dare to expel a Jew from his home!


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