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Mar 29, 2009

RBS is a wonderful place

After a number of posts, over time, that might make an uninitiated and unfamiliar reader think that RBS (BS really) is a crazy place and "why would anyone want to live there", I try to remember to post something nice about RBS.

RBS (BS really) is really overall a wonderful place. The location is phenomenal, situated in one of the greenest parts of Israel; the people are wonderful (except for the minority of crazies - and you find crazies in every city), the shuls are diverse and wonderful.

Today I was on the train to work. I was a bit late due to the chalake-less chalake...so there was enough space for people to spread out. I was sitting across the aisle from a secular Jew, and we are each minding our own business. He was reading a newspaper, and I was catching up with some magazine reading I was behind in...

Two women, secular as well, sit down in the set of seats across the aisle, near the secular fellow. I was doing my own thing, not paying them much attention.

Suddenly I noticed that they were all talking. What caught my ears is they were asking him where he lived and he said he lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh. They asked to clarify "BS or RBS?". He said he lives in RBS. To their next question about how he likes it, he responded that it is a wonderful place. He is in RBS A where it is religious mostly but not like RBS B. the people are friendly and there are a lot of secular people living there...

They continued talking and I got off the train, so I do not know how the conversation turned after that. But it is nice to know that secular Jews still feel comfortable in RBS and can make a life there.
Sometimes you get caught up and think you know exactly what is going on around you. I would have thought there are surely still some secular, but not that many, and they are probably waiting for the opportunity to sell and move away. It turns out that is not true. They like the neighborhood as well.


  1. not G...

    What you mean is that "a man of not outwardly religious appearance" sat opposite you. To label people as "secular" does a big injustice to many of am yisrael, especially in Beit Shemesh.

  2. Rechov Nachal Ein Gedi in RBS has many "secular" Jews. Cars are often seen driving there on Shabbos.
    RBS like many other places also has many "datiim" and "charedim" who aren't so religious.
    There is however a large population of sincerely religious people.
    RBS A is probably much less xenophobic then other places, largely due to the "Anglo" population.

  3. "then" should be "than"

  4. Maybe we wants to sell, but figures that if he keeps trash-talking the place, he won't get a good price.

  5. I have a question, being soon (hopefully) an anglo making the aliyah. What kind of influences do we (speaking in general) have in Israel?

    Thank you for any responses.

  6. Robert,

    Your influence can be:
    1. To vote in elections.
    2. Pay your taxes to the Jewish state.
    3. Either serve or send your children to serve in the army.
    4. Volunteer to help people less fortunate than yourself.
    5. Get involved in society outside of the American Olim community.

    Your influence will be commensurate with your effort to put into it.


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