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Mar 24, 2009

Starbucks, Queen Esther and the Muslims

A couple of weeks ago, some Egyptian cleric called for a Muslim boycott of Starbucks. He claimed that the Starbucks logo, which according to wiki is a twin-tailed siren, is really the image of Queen Esther. He protests the image of Queen Esther waving in all the various Muslim countries.

I don't know how he came up with Queen Esther as being the source for the image, rather than the Queen of England or any other female ruler in history, but so he did.

Anyways, here is the video, courtesy of Memri...


  1. These people don't need a reason. Look at this Starbuck's press release and see how crazy it all is. If they are giving their hard earned profits to the IDF, then maybe they can give me some of their money as well :-). Why is it that this Jewish world conspiracy doesn't seem to be working for me?

  2. How could you argue with this guy? He's sitting behind a big shiny desk!

  3. hey I'd say too much hookah and not enough caffeine

    Mr Bagel

  4. It has nothing to do with Esther. It's a mermaid! Maybe she's queen of the seas? Boy, these folks will do anything to discredit American products...

  5. This is completely ridiculous...how in the world is the star on the MERMAID'S crown the star of Persia? IT'S LIKE ANY OTHER STAR I'VE SEEN...I've seen it on the homework of little kids...ooooo a conspiracy in the school system is afoot!!!

    If they would do just a little bit of homework and track down the ORIGINAL starbucks logo which had the FULL, BARE-BREASTED picture of a MERMAID they would see they were really far-reaching this theory.

    It doesn't matter the ethnicity or religious beliefs of the founders or CEOs of Starbucks...because the logo is a mermaid. PERIOD.

    Actually, the logo was updated a few times and until 2006 still showed the mermaid's navel.

    However, OUT OF RESPECT to the predominantly Islamic beliefs of the middle east, Starbucks redid their logo in 2006 completely covering breasts and navel.....and then expanded into the middle east included Dubai and Egypt.

    That's the thanks they get for their efforts to offer a great product without anything offensive attached to it.


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