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Mar 31, 2009

Interesting Tidbits in the News

1. The new government has not even yet been sworn in, and already a coalition partner is making trouble and threatening to bolt.
Lieberman, the new Foreign Minister, is concerned over rumors that should he be forced to resign due to the never-ending investigation against him the post would be transferred to the Likud (and maybe offered to Silvan Shalom). To counter the rumors, Lieberman issued the threat of pulling YB out of the coalition.
(source: Ynet)

2. Kadima is already feeling the depression of leaving high and important positions to the political desert of the Opposition. They are afraid of being forgotten and have therefore requested to delay the swearing in ceremony of the new government.
Basis: they say that there is already a tacit agreement for UTJ to join the coalition, and the signing of the agreement is being delayed simply so as not to cause a delay in the swearing-in ceremony.
(source: Ynet)

3. According to the calculations made by NRG, Netanyahu's new bloated government of way too many ministers and deputy ministers is going to cost 770 million NIS if it survives the full 4.5 year term.
Clearly this is a sign that a Chabadnik should be on staff to put tefillin on the ministers daily.. (volunteer of course, so as not to throw off the number..)
(source: NRG)

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