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Mar 23, 2009

Chelsea and Rabbi Shmuley (video)

Chelsea Lately sits down for a funny shabbat dinner with Rabbi Shmuley and other guests...

woman in sleeveless shirt warning... watch at your own risk...


  1. I really didn't want to laugh, but I couldn't help it.

  2. Sorry, I must have missed the funny part.. when does it get funny?

  3. have i been in israel too long, b/c i have no idea who these ppl are and i did not find it funny.

  4. forget the sleevless shirt - what about the content - I am surprised at you! Rabbi Rafi!

  5. Very bad taste and makes "Rabbi" Shmuely look worse than I already rated him - which was pretty bad.

    If the man thinks he's doing kiddush H', he very much mistaken. This is chillul H' BIG time.

  6. weird. i actually thought it was just a spoof on him, but based on his website it really is him... http://www.shmuley.com/

  7. So, it was the sleeves that you thought I need to be worried about???


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