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Mar 22, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu on the Palestinian issue at age 28 (video)

While I still don't really "get" the purpose of Twitter beyond other forms of social networking, I must say it does provide some very good links...

Here is something I got off of Twitter today.... that would be Benjamin Netanyahu at age 28...


  1. He may not have been such a great Prime Minister, but he's easily one of the best spokesmen that Israel has ever had.
    I LOVED how angry Mr. Ajami got at the end when Netanyahu said "For your benefit I'll repeat it again".

  2. wow. he was only 28 here. wow.

  3. and as my wife said, another amazing point is that the exact discussion he was having then is the exact discussion we are still having today. nothing has changed except Bibi's hair is whiter. Even his voice is exactly the same....

  4. RAIZY:

    "he's easily one of the best spokesmen that Israel has ever had."

    yep. it's such a pleasure to listen to him speak.


    "the exact discussion he was having then is the exact discussion we are still having today"

    certain particulars have changed. for example, it's been a long time since i've heard anyone reject the two-state solution because of the "jordan = palestine" equation.

  5. wow, he offered citizenship to palestinians in gaza and the west bank. arab israelis are doing better on every measure you can think of not just than arabs in other countries,but than arabs/muslims in europe. True! If they'd taken citizenship they'd be in the same position. Longevity, employment, infant mortality, literacy, education - arab israelis are doing better than arabs in germany, france, the netherlands etc and the palestinians turned down that deal. why would anyone in their right mind rather be a citizen in a palestinian terror state than in israel.

  6. I'm still not sure if that was a real video or a skit from SNL.

    What really scares me about that video is it probably won't be long before my full head of hair is a thing of the past

  7. Well Rabbi Rafi - you did it again, where did you find this?

    "Mr. Nitai" is an excellent speaker, clear, level headed, unfazed.

    He should let Hashem into his life - So Hashem will bless him even more - to fulfill his logic when in power.

    (as bobby would say Oy, Oy , Oy what a Groyse Talmid Chacham we have missed)


  8. OY OY OY -

    # Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have an IQ of 180

    He has an IQ higher than Einstein - 160 - Albert Einstein

    vat a wasted talmid chochem.



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