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Mar 22, 2009

demonizing King David

Interesting link:

Rah discusses how the History Channel ended up demonizing King David


  1. There is a book out there, I do nto remember much about it save for the fact that the first bit (at least) was part of King David's Story told form his own point of view at the end of his life. Not nearly as well meaning as our current version. It has always interested me as to how some of these people must have seen themselves in their own eyes.

  2. I find those types of books fascinating as well. the only problem is when it is written by someone else (usually the case), and not the person himself, or at least someone close to him, it is all speculation. Still interesting, but nothing can be taken as truth.

  3. Obviously.

    (I also seem to remember the book was terribly written and I could not get through it.)


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