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Apr 19, 2010

GRA gives 5 Iyyar extra important significance

Somebody related to me that the students of the GR"a, 200 years ago, said over in the name of the GR"A that in the future process of the ultimate redemption, the process of the Geula, there will be two dates that will be very significant. Those two dates, said in the name of the GRA, are: 5 Iyar and 27 Iyar.

140-160 years later those dates became significant as Yom Ha'Atzmaut and the most victorious day during the Six Day War (the day before Yom Yerushalayim).

When I asked for a source, they sent me the following quote:

שני ימים מסוימים בימי הספירה שאין הקליפה יכולה לשלוט בהם, והם יום העשרים בעומר (ה' אייר, יום העצמאות) ויום הארבעים ושניים בעומר (כ"ז אייר) כידוע ליודעי ח"ן ועובדת היסטורית מופלאה היא שתלמידי הגר"א ביום העשרים בעומר בזמן תחילת פעולתם ביסוד הישוב בירושלים בשנת תקע"ב אותה שנה הניחו את היסוד של בית מדרש אליהו על שם רבנו הגר"א בירושלים. ראו ברוח קדשם שנפתח חלון הראשון במחיצה הברזל להחזרת החבור של זכות אבות שהיה נפסק מאז זמן חורבן בית המקדש. תלמידי הגר"א ותלמידי תלמידיהם הבאים אחריהם נצלו את שני הימים האלה להנחת יסוד למפעלי קדושת שונים בירושלים.
דרשת בעל קול ישועה ר' יוסף הסופר בשבת תרכו

It says 5 Iyar is the 20th day of the Omer and 27 Iyar is the 42nd day of the Omer, and these two days are special days that the "klipa" - some sort of negative influence - has no control over these days. When the students of the GRA began establishing the resettlement of Eretz Yisrael, and laid the foundation for the shul in Jerusalem, they some some connection by ruach hakodesh to the zchus avos that had been severed at the time of the destruction of the mikdash. The students repeatedly used these two days as the days they would do their most important work in laying foundations for their various holy works in Jerusalem.

To remind you, the GRA was also quoted recently as having said that after the third restoration of the Churva synagogue, the process of restoring the Third Temple would begin.

Halevai it should come true.


  1. This is from a sefer called "Kol HaTor", which was published after the death of the GR"A, but well before 1948.

    In addition to the two dates given, ו' אייר is also mentioned. Unless the official end of the British Mandate is sufficiently significant (the Mandate officially ended midnight after the state was declared; the declaration was made early so as not to conflict with shabbos), there's more on the way.

  2. Garnel IronheartApril 19, 2010 3:24 PM

    Have you seen the source for the Hurva comment? Because I've heard different versions, including that it would be an immediate restoration of the 3rd Temple. I'd love to know what he actually said.

  3. Rafi, i would love to see it in print.

  4. me too. too bad I dont know where it is written

  5. someone just told me that this quote was originally said by a Rav who is notorious for making things up.

    I have no idea if it is true or not.

  6. I have both sefarim. I put up details and text here:



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