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Apr 22, 2010

The Shul on the Beach makes it to NBC.. (video)


  1. For a treatment of a typical shabbat davening in the shul, check out: http://nusachfreak.blogspot.com/2009/08/shabbat-in-venice-ca.html.

    (Disclaimer: The NF promised me $1000 for every hit on his blog from the above link.)

  2. $1000 per hit? Do you want me to keep clicking on the link all day?

  3. The shul has a good track record of taking Jews who know gornisht, inspiring them to lead an authentic Torah lifestyle (had to use that phrase). Although there are some long-standing members, most of them are transient, as they mainsteam into the other religious communities in LA or beyond.

  4. Rafi,

    If the NF has to pay me too much, he'll end up hitting me up for a loan.

  5. Rafi:

    Thanks for posting the video of our shul on MSNBC.com.

    For a little more info on the video see my post: Pacific Jewish Center Featured on MSNBC.com

  6. yoni r:

    As the Rabbi of the Pacific Jewish Center, I must say that $1000 post is highly offensive, wildly inaccurate and shows such a small-minded attitude about Judaism.


  7. that was one of the most beautiful depictions of a shul's import and celebration as community event, let alone a religious experience.

  8. Opa:

    Thank you for your really kind words. We at the Shul on the Beach appreciate your support!

    Eliyahu Fink
    Pacific Jewish Center


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