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Apr 22, 2010

Lettuce - the number one enemy of the Jews! (pashkevil)

Remember the pashkevil about the gematriya of the word (in Hebrew) "internet" being the same as that of "cancer"? And therefore it was obvious (to someone) that Internet is the source of cancer and must therefore be eradicated...

Well, a new poster going up is saying that the gematriya of the (Hebrew) word "lettuce" is the same as that of "autism". It is clear that eating lettuce is the cause of autism, and should therefore be avoided.. The sign calls for removing the cursed lettuce, in all its forms, from our midst. Lettuce - the #1 enemy of the Jewish Nation!

Somebody has a sense of humor.

(picture credit to Mizbala)


  1. you sure it is not a serious campaign against lettuce, because of bug infestation?

  2. to answer my own question, the tag at the bottom, yesh emuna veyesh ivaron, it a good indication that it is meant humorously.


  3. to me it looks not serous. especially if you look at the last line that says "there is faith and there is blindness".. someone seems to be scoffing at the original.

  4. yeah. you are right.
    especially when comparing to original about Internet=cancer, which uses precisely the same fonts and structure:


  5. I think it's a great idea! Someone (with money) should constantly print up fake pashkevillim (with fake signatures as usual) with all sorts of new chumras on a random basis. Then put them up alongside the "real" ones. Pretty soon the whole pashkevillim phenomenon will be known to be a joke and will probably end.


  6. Great idea. But why fake signatures when the real ones are so easy to get?


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