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Apr 29, 2010

Tibi tossed, Marzel praises (video)

MK Ahmed Tibi reached the time limit during his speech in Knesset yesterday. After he was not allowed to continue, as per the rules, Tibi stood his ground like an obstinate ox and refused to leave the podium. To the point where MK Shama had to call the ushers to physically remove Tibi from the podium.

Baruch Marzel later publicized the following message that he had sent to MK Shama. He wrote:

Kol Hakavod for throwing out the dangerous and arrogant enemy Ahmed Tibi from the podium of the Knesset, and for erasing his smile.. this was the beginning. This terrorist needs to be exiled to Khaddafi in Libya. We are here to give you continued assistance.
Baruch Marzel

What a crazy Knesset we have...


  1. Traitors are not executed in Israel. They are allowed by the Stupid Jews to pollute Israel with their treasonous filth.

  2. Aside from all the 'politics' here - did anyone notice how empty the knesset was? That to me is more telling for the "sad state of democracy in Israel"

  3. Are you sure that was the Knesset and not Gan (preschool)?

  4. I think it's amazing that Israel allows representation in its govt from the very ones that are trying to destroy them. Another senseless confidence building gesture?


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