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Apr 7, 2010

Haredim not allowed on har Habayit - by the police

After the "Haredi Movement for Ascending Temple Mount" called on Haredim to come to Har Habayit on Isru Chag and ascend, it didn't really work out.

According to Kikar.net, about 20 Haredim showed up, which is a nice turn out. The police, however, were abrasive and prevented them from ascending. Two groups showed up at the same time - the group of about 20 Haredim, and a group of Dati Leumi. The police supposedly let the Dati Leumi group right in, but delayed the Haredi group, and then told them that the group is too large and they will only allow 5 people in, and next time they should come in smaller groups. This caused them to get frustrated and leave.

Yehuda Glick is suing the police for discrimination because of this event. (source: Kikar)

Perhaps the police have instructions (from rabbonim) to not allow groups of Haredim up, and to find excuses. Or maybe, somebody who is anti-ascending would suggest that it is "min hashamayim" that they were not allowed in, even though other people were.

Either way, in a country that professes to be a democracy, once again democratic values are regularly trampled...

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  1. Maybe the police are worried that the very Jewish look of the Charedim could encourage the Arabs to throw a terrorist-tantrum. So a more modern-looking group of 20 can go in, but they want the Charedim in smaller groups.


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