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Apr 20, 2010

International Bible Quiz - Chidon Ha'Tanakh Ha'Olami

I am always humbled by the International Bible Quiz (being held right now). They know so much and I realize how little I know...

If you want to watch it live....


  1. din't the soviet union recognize israeli before the us did? (Also - why did the barack obama post show up in your rss feed but not on the site itself?)

  2. I published it by mistake, instead of scheduling it. I then pulled it and scheduled it for later, but the rss pulls it right away.

  3. Sad how Avner Netanyahu sums up the secular approach to learning Tanach. After the quiz he's going back to regular things: guitar, sports, etc. He has learned it as a subject and not internalised any Torah

  4. I agree with Shalom that some people do seem to have learned the Tanakh like it was an academic exercise, and learned "the answers" without internalising it. Nevertheless, at least secular Jews are learning the Tanakh, studying the Hebrew Scriptures, and respecting their heritage. It's a good start, and a necessary start...

  5. My nephew sent me a picture; he was sitting right in front of the Netanyahus.


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