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Apr 27, 2010

Jones tells a bad joke (video)

General James Jones tells a joke at a dinner, and gets howls from the crowd.

Jones has since apologized. He says he is not an anti-Semite and it was not meant to be taken that way.

I don't really care. I like a good joke, even if it is about the Jews. I think everything can be made into humor, and it should be taken as just that humor. As long as it is presented as humor and not as hatred or spitefulness.

That being said, I take offense at the joke above because it is not funny. It is an old joke and he did not even present it well. As someone who enjoys good humor I take offense at Jones' joke because of the way he told it and destroyed the joke, taking all humor out of it. I think humor enthusiasts all over should register their insult.


  1. :-) Agree with you 100%, Rafi.

  2. That's from a Seinfeld episode: his (Christian) dentist converts to Judaism, and starts telling Jewish jokes, but keeps telling Christian/Catholic jokes. When Jerry complains to a priest, he asks if it offends him as a Jewish person, to which Jerry responsds, "it offends me as a comedian."


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