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Apr 20, 2010

YH baby name?

About to head out to a nephew's bris. What are the chances they will name the baby "Yisrael"?


  1. I suppose it depend on how Zionistic they are :-)


  2. Bentzion is also a possibility...

  3. May he be a blessing to his people, whatever his name is - hey they may want to name him after a dead grandfather or something ---
    but why are you ignoring the mikva story?

  4. Rafi, they were suppose to!(they changed it last night)

    You know them-RSR WOULD NEVER(:

    mazal tov!

  5. mikva story is not being ignored. mikva story is being investigated and a post is being prepared. I see no point in just repeating the same complaints already aired...

  6. so what was the name?

  7. Menachem, though Yisrael was a inal candidate, but as being named after someone and not because of YH. Perhaps that is why they changed it at the last minute


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