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Apr 15, 2010

Is Turkey part of Greater Israel?

Eldan has gone on an advertising campaign, giving out t-shirts with the Israeli flag motif saying on Yom Ha'Atzmaut we are all "blue and white".

The point of the campaign, in Eldan's words, is to "create a surprising and emotional experience and bring the citizens back to what unified us for many years".

All that just by handing out some t-shirts with a newspaper (they gave out the shirts with subscriptions of Yediot Acharonot newspapers)?

Anyway, while "we are all blue and white" was the theme of the shirts, the shirts themselves were found, upon further review and closer inspection - and by that I mean someone eventually read the label that says the instructions how to wash the thing - it turns out that "we are all blue and white" except for the shirts. They are made in Turkey. And Turkey isn't even part of the Greater Land of Israel.

Eldan's response was pretty lame. They saud we are a private company, blah blah blah, part of the Israeli community for many years, blah blah blah and like any other company, our concerns are purely financial and based on financial worthiness, and blah blah blah we would be happy to extend our cooperation to any other Israeli manufacturer that would want to be a part of such a project, blah blah blah".

We are all Blue and White. As long as it talks green.


  1. All the printing for the US census this year is done in Malaysia, or some such place.

    As for Turkey, as i recall some small part of it is, indeed, within the Greater Land of Israel. I would need to take time to check that.

  2. regardless of how smart it might be to outsource business abroad where labor might be cheaper, a specific campaign supporting "blue and white" should be done completely in Israel. Just by definition of the campaign.

    In the US, if WalMart was running an America First campaign, as they do, and had the products in the campaign produced abroad, it would look funny as well.

    Turkey is part of Greater Israel? I thought that was the one country that was not!

  3. Rafi, don't you remember, I think it was last year, that bank hapoalim gave out tons of flags for Yom Haatzmaut, which were made in China, and the star was printed sideways?!

  4. yes, I remember now. those were made in China


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