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Apr 8, 2010

Shlissel Shabbos

Just a reminder for those interested.... This shabbos is "Shlissel Shabbos".. Enjoy


  1. this is based completely on an older Christian custom of baking a key in bread for Easter.

    as well, the word tatty in yiddish for father is based on the fact that the polish peasants called the local priest "tata".

    This is not my shtick, but based on a frum friend who is getting their PHD in an area that involves these old customs.

  2. See Sefer Hato'da'ah for sources!

  3. This topic deserves a posting of its own!

  4. Shaya - maybe they took it from us...

  5. Mahmoud Abbas , PhDApril 09, 2010 8:45 AM

    Oh, so we're supposed to believe some dude just because he is trying to "prove" his theory for a PhD. Gimme a break.

  6. 1. the historical references for the christian custom are early than the jewish ones.

    2. as a matter of halacha, this "dude" has a chezkas kashrus and isn't trying to "prove" anything. They simply stated to me what they found out after researching a wide range on the historical subjects they are studying. As this person is a frum person, I have no reason to doubt their findings. Throughout our range of customs, most are absorbed from the goyim around us, you just have to open your eyes.

    The custom of trees in shule on shavous was in fact our custom first and the goyim took it for xmas and that's why in halacha we no longer put trees in shule. Yet for other customs of ours we ignore chukos hagoyim. a fact I found interesting.

    also, there was a crocodile king in egypt named SOBEK, it turns out the people used to leave notes at his temple exactly like we do at the Kotel.

    The chasidishe dress is a direct copy of Polish nobility, no one argues this fact.

  7. for you guys, i will put a key in my key shaped challah to be eaten only in the florida keys, in a house that only uses keys to get into, while a baby nearby plays with my keys, while cracking a code using the "key".

    maybe that'll help. mehadrin min hamehadrin.


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