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Apr 29, 2010

better racist humor

While on the recent topic of possibly racist humor, and Jim Jones' joke was attacked as anti-semitic but was really just a poor delivery of an old joke, this joke told yesterday, really just a cynical crack, was pretty funny.

In a discussion regarding the refusal to accept sefardic girls in haredi schools (the ashkenazy schools), Yitzchak Pindros, deputy mayor of Jerusalem, supposedly responded to the Meretz rep who was badgering him and said, "at Haredi education we do not accept Sephardim, monkeys, Russians and Ethiopians"

Oops. He didn't expect the firestorm, and is now denying he actually said it, though it appears in the minutes of the meeting as well.


  1. It's about time that people in public positions begin to realise that every single word they utter can (and will) be used against them. Total stupidity on Pindrus' part - and not without a grain of truth

  2. the minutes of the meeting...which were prepared by the assistant of the meretz representative claiming Pindrus said this.

    Do you always believe Haaretz's reports about Feiglin? or even Bibi? Funny when you choose to believe reports in Haaretz and when not...

  3. Kikar Shabbos and Bechadrei are reporting on this as well. Not just Haaretz.
    Maybe it didnt happen. I dont know. It is an interesting story being reported and I have the right to comment on it. I am not a journalist and I did not call Pindros to confirm or deny.

    I dont see why it has to be a lie, other than him bieng stupid. I can easily see it being said, as a cynical statement.

  4. Kikar Shabbos and Bechadrei are simply quoting Haaretz - and the comments there show considerably more sympathy for Pindrus than you do.

    Your comments on the episode show that you do not doubt the authenticity of the episode. You are happy to follow your prejudices when reporting this "story" - it fits in to what you think of Pindrus and the Israeli litvishers and therefore you are happy to go along with it without question.

    You would have been more questioning of this episode had it involved Feiglin or even Bibi. Why can't you just admit your ingrained prejudice? Can you try and be a little more even-handed?

  5. all I said is that I thought the comment was funny. And I do. I didnt attack him for it. I didnt criticize him for it.
    I can see him being badgered and in response retorting, yeah we all take bribes and dont let sefardim or monkeys into our schools.

    I read it as a cynical comment, and I thought it was funny. Yes, I believe it happened, because I can see it happening.

    If it didnt happen, it should have happened. It is a good retort.

    What do I think of the litvishers? I think they are like anybody else. no better, no worse. There are some great people, some good people, some bad people, mostly regular people who have successes and failings. The problem is they think they are better. I think they are just like everyone else.

  6. you left our part of the joke

    at Haredi education we do not accept Sephardim, monkeys, Russians and Ethiopians unless we are bribed.

  7. Why does Rafi have to be more even-handed? This is his blog and he states his opinions.

  8. Wait: I thought the Ashkenazim in the Immanuel school were pretty much all chasidish, not litvish?


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