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Apr 26, 2010

Clearing the Weeds

Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Dov Lipman.

After numerous accidents on Road 10, with the Iryah doing nothing to prevent further accidents, Rabbi Lipman went down to the danger zone to see why that intersection has so many horrible accidents. Rabbi Lipman saw that the drivers view at that intersection is completely blocked by weeds, thus causing a serious risk of crashing between drivers turning left and driver driving straight from the oncoming direction.

Rabbi Lipman saw the problem, and realized the Iryah had promised numerous times already to resolve it yet had never sent a team out to clear the weeds. If we would continue waiting for the Iryah, we would be told regularly of more and more accidents, some fatal, at that intersection.

Rabbi Lipman, arranged some volunteers to join him, got a local nursery to lend him some equipment, got a gardener to come help with a few of his employees, and went down there a couple of times and physically cleared the weeds.

At one point, the Iryah heard what he had done and promised to send a team out to finish the work. Sure enough, the Iryah never sent the team, so Dov Lipman again arranged a group of volunteers and went down there and cleared the rest of the weeds, with no help from the Iryah.

Kol HaKavod!


  1. 106 is generally unresponsive.

    Thank you Rabbi Lipman!
    I hope other citizens follow your example and don't wait around for the authorities to solve all of the problems. (They'll be waiting for a long time.)
    I am also hoping for a regime change in Bet Shemesh, that will create an efficient local government without nepotism, cronyism, and corruption.

    Thank you also Rabbi Lipman for stepping in on the mikve controversy.

  2. Kol HaKavod Dov!

    Tell me please why people like him aren't in public office?

    People who actually care and DO something when it needs to be done.

    I would laso like to point out to RBSA residents...he lives in Sheinfeld yet is always there to help us in the Rama.

    Chazak v"ematz!


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