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Apr 29, 2010

Bet Shemesh in the news

And in other, more positive, Bet Shemesh news, Bet Shemesh as won a prize, for the first time ever, for proper management.

The Interior Ministry, or Misrad HaPnim, has awarded the prize for good management, aka minhal takin, for 2009 to Bet Shemesh.

The prize is awarded for proper management of the local financial systems.
Mayor Moshe Abutbol said that he would donate the money from the prize to be designated for building a house for "Yad L'Banim", in memory of the sons and daughters of Bet Shemmesh who have been killed in Israel's wars. (source: Mynet)

Kol Hakavod!
And in more Bet Shemesh news, Bet Shemesh has been having, as it does every year, an awareness week regarding the dangers of playing with fire. This awareness week is held every year just before Lag B'Omer. Many school kids, including two of mine yesterday, have been visiting the local fire station and seeing presentatations about the dangers of fire and precautions one must take around fire.
To stress the importance of fire safety, Mayor Moshe Abutbol himself participated in the presentation yesterday, playing the part of someone stranded in a building on fire and needing to be rescued. He was connected to a zip line and slid down to safety, to the cheers of all the school kids.. (source: Bechadrei)


  1. Moisheleh....it's not one of your moviesApril 29, 2010 4:10 PM

    I wish that he would play the part of "mayor for all the people" as he pledged to us voters.

    Instead he chooses to be mayor for all of (some of) the people

  2. Did anyone else notice the sign for a new fallafel and ice cream store scheduled to open next door to J-10 Pizza on Maor? When I asked the workers from J-10 what the deal is as there is fallafel naki right there, the response was, and I quote "anachnu b'milchama ito (the owners of Naki), mah ichpat l'cha"

    What is going on here???

  3. I'll bet half the kids wanted a turn on the zip line! :-)

    Anon 4:54pm - What is going on here???

    Very strange. I though kosher certifying authorities don't usually allow such competition ("anachnu b'milchama") due to hasagat g'vul.


  4. That's the first thing that came to mind as well, where are they going to get their hashgacha? It wasn't clear if the owner of J-10 is behind the new venture or if some of the workers themselves are going solo.

  5. That's the first thing that came to my mind s well.

    It wasn't clear if the owner of J-10 is behind the new venture or if some of his workers are going solo.

  6. Was this award given before they cancelled the number of kids on the arnona ccounts, making the water bill soar for big families? I assume the mayor was proud of his open telephone line, and open door policy. Well, I spoke to the mayor on his open line about a passageway near me strewn with garbage and stones. I asked it to be dealt with, and got a vague response that it will be looked into, and I would be updated. Two weeks later, nothing has happened. And for this, Beit Shemesh won an award!!! Don't make me laugh?

  7. Award for what?May 02, 2010 2:51 PM

    All this award tells me is that Shas is in charge of Misrad Pnim (who gives the award) and that they are recognizing their man in BS for doing what he does best..getting elected.

  8. From what I understand (re the mikva on Dolev) the Shas people aren't too happy with Abutbul who is (surpisingly?) pushing the agenda of certain Chareidi Ashkenazi leadres rather than Shas.


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