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Apr 19, 2010

The Story of Israel 1951 (video)

The following is rare footage of Israel from an old Air France promotional video in 1951...

The Story of Israel 1951:


  1. Interesting question - if it's on Youtube, can it still be considered "rare"?

    (Maybe I'm flattering myself by calling it an interesting question, but I can see how there is ample room for both a "yes" and a "no" answer.)

  2. maybe it is more accurate to say it was rare until now....

  3. Um, "rare" modifies the "footage from Air France, 1951", not the current availability of the video. A rare coin isn't any less rare just because it is on display in the museum.

  4. Putting the rarity of the video aside, it was interesting to note how sparse the country was populated back then to what it is today. For example, I've passed by where Herzel is buried a few times, and it not overlooking Jerusalem anymore, but rather some street.

  5. There is an even older video and photos also from 1913 and 1930 which can be viewed at: http://habayitah.blogspot.com/2009/04/tel-aviv-100-and-1913.html

    Absolutely amazing.

  6. I thought this was fascinating. My how far we've come.

    20 hours from NY? So in 60 years we're only going twice as fast?

    Thanks, Raf, I really liked this.

  7. 20 hours from France. I dont know how a plane could fly so slow....


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