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Apr 15, 2010

Holy Rollers trailer (video)

The strangest part of this whole clip, is the names of the actors at the end - one actor's name is "Q-Tip"


  1. Q-Tip is a famous American rapper. Google it.

  2. still, funny name to have...

  3. why can't movies about Chassidim get their hair cuts right.
    The actors all had long hair, didn't anyone tell them that most Chassidim are very close shaven, or even bald except for their payot.

    The made the same mistake in the episode of the Good Wife set in a Chassidic neighbourhood.

  4. Q-Tip was one of the main members of A Tribe Called Quest, a famous rap group from Queens, that rapped over jazz breaks from the famous Blue Note label.
    Looks good moving from one "Tribe" to another...


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