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Apr 11, 2010

getting rid of documents

In the Yisrael Hayom newspaper today there was a small article about how an electrical fire broke out in the "Prime Minister's Office" and spread among a set of office rooms before it was put out. Nobody was injured, but there was a lot fo fire and smoke damage.

One of the rooms hit by the fire was the archives room, and many classified documents were destroyed in the process.

This is ripe for a conspiracy. Who lit the fire? What document were they trying to get rid of?

Was it just an innocent fire or was it more than that?


  1. Maybe with all the calls for inquiries into this and that, it better to just not ask.

  2. Well, if you want a conspiracy with some legs, this usually happens in rooms with accounting ledgers ;-)

  3. As an archivist, I am appalled. Rafi, there are a good many archivists in Israel, who know as well as I do that any material being archived MUST be in a climate-controlled, fire-suppressed environment. Even more so for govt records.
    The question, therefore, is NOT who lit the fire. The question is, who left this material (or worse, who allowed the longer-term storage of these materials) in a room where it could be destroyed by such a conflagration?


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