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Apr 11, 2010


Heavy pollution throughout Israel; Asthmatics encouraged to stay indoors (Army Radio)

--- Haaretz

is the heavy pollution only today or do asthmatics have to stay indoors forever? Why and how would there be worse pollution on any given day than other days?


  1. Air inversions cause city generated air to get 'stuck' in a small bubble in and over a city. This results in significant increased concentration of pollutants and particulates in the air. It can be seen several times during the winter looking down the valley towards Tel Aviv from BS.

    However, today's condition seems to be a dust storm blown up from the Sinai. A high concentration of air particulates is very rough on people with lung problems, asthmatics, and allergy sufferers.

  2. Yes, I was going to say, there seems to be some kind of chamsin today with all the hot dry air blowing and colorless sky

  3. I think today is the reason they're issuing new gas masks.

  4. Hi Rafi,

    In general, air conditions fluctuate quite a bit. There is usually a 'source' of pollution, and some way that the pollution clears out. That is, an input (the springs) and an output (the mouth of the river). If you shut off the input, (for example, no cars driving on Yom Kippur), then for that day pollution will markedly decrease. If you increase the input (with a dust storm, overproduction of energy), then the pollution increases.

    So these things can change quite a bit.

    Keep up the good work.


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