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Apr 8, 2010


I value and respect the chief of staff. In fact, no decision was made. This is the implementation of a cabinet resolution that limited the term of the chief of staff to four years... Every organization needs to renew its chain of command even when it is headed by quality people.

---- PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu said this when asked about the announcement to not extend IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi's term another year.
Sounds good to me - but shouldn't this apply to prime ministers and members of knesset as well? We seem to constantly be recycling the same people again and again...


  1. 2 reasons for this:

    1) in Israel, the politicians have all the power, so why should anyone willingly give that up

    2) In Israel, the politicians make the big money (both legit and not as legit), so why give it up just to go on world tours and make speeches 9a la clinton et al) and make less money

  2. yes, rare is the politician who will vote on his own term limit.

    for example George Washington refused when the people wanted to name him king of the US.

    usually it's a different set of politicians voting on the to-be-limited group


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