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Apr 22, 2010

Segula - Rain in Iyyar

The Hebrew forums are talking about a segula. I never heard of this one before, and by the time I saw it it was already too late for me... Not that I needed it anyway, as they are saying it is a segula for a refuah, and I am B'H healthy.

The segula supposedly comes from the Chida, b way of the ben Ish Chai (he is quoted as confirming it). The segula says that when it rains in Iyyar, one should open his mouth and drink the rainwater as it falls.

I don't know if this segula is only for Israel, where rain in Iyyar is rare, or if this works in countries where it rains regularly as well.

The reason given that this is supposed to work is because of the passuk that says "Kee Ani Hashem Rofecha" כי אני ה' רופאך - which when you take the first letter of Aleph, Yud, and Resh spell out Iyyar (with a missing yud).

If it is still raining out by you, drink up a mouthful. Some are saying it is a segula for parnassa....


  1. and here i was thinking that the guy walking down the street with his mouth wide open was crazy!

  2. What does ani hashem rofecha have to do with rain water? Why not Iyar alone is asegular for refuah?

  3. Unfortunately, Iyyar is not a hebrew word. The months, as we know them, came with the Jews from bavel.

  4. What does ani hashem rofecha have to do with rain water? Why not Iyar alone is asegular for refuah?

    Can't you see? It's obvious!

    You take Geshem, add it to Ki Ani Hashem Rodecha. Then remove the gimmel. Remove the shin. Remove the mem. Then take the aleph, yod, and resh, and you spell Iyyar missing a yod.



  5. According to tanach and the gemara, rain in the omer is a siman klala...

  6. Raffi, rain in אייר is a סימן קללה according to the Mishna in Taanis as it is very detrimental to the wheat harvest

  7. I suppose the Chida knew all the opposing "opinions" as well as the critics do. I'll stick with the view of a true gadol b'Torah even in the face of relatively reasonable (albeit disrespectful) viewpoints.

  8. Agree with Mul Haeinam, why did we just pray for dew?

  9. I am not sure the two are connected. I just saw somewhere a rav qoted answering the question if rain is a siman klala in iyar and his response was only if there was very little rain during the winter. Then, if it rains in Iyar, it is a klala. But in a year where there was a lot of rain, more rain in Iyar is fine.

  10. It rained for a few minutes today in Yerusalayim, erev rosh chodesh sivan. We all have some ailments so I stepped outside and caught a few drops of rain.

  11. Raining in Y-M right now. Enjoy your drink...

  12. Reb Pinchas of Koritz says that the rain that falls between Pesach and Shavuot is a refuah for diseases that have no cure. One should let the rain fall on their head and open their mouth to let the rain go straight in (some places say to the right side of the mouth).


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