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Apr 12, 2010

different education for "different" kids...

In the next step in the fight against the opening of a new yeshiva high school, that somehow makes some people feel threatened and therefore oppose it, some pashkevilim were spread around the neighborhood the other day.

The pashkevil said, or actually it asked, "Ben Torah - do you need a method of education that is different than the standard in all the Haredi centers around the country? Do you want a different education than what is accepted in Bnei Brak, Yerushalayim, Beitar, Kiryat Sefer, Hadera, Rechasim, and others? Why? Are you different?"

Implying that anyone who wants anything different must have something wrong with him...

Anyway, what is the big and great success of the system that a new style of school for kids that don't fit in is so bad? Do all kids have to fit in to the same standardized system? Is there no room for diversity for kids that are not good matches for that type of education?

It brings new meaning to "Chanoch L'Naar al pee Darko" - educate each child according to his way - if he is normal, send him to the normal system. If you send him to a different system he must not be normal.


  1. Is this about Meorot, or a new school?

  2. the new school, which is really a reincarnation of Meorot.

  3. I wish them hatzlacha. Many years ago I heard a very interesting pshat. Maarava in Moshav Mattityahu was known to be the "enemy" of "true Torah education", however an inside source told me that Rav Shach himself had referred parents to send their kids there. The reason for cherem was that the established system didn't want to lose the best brains to a new way of education, but they understood that for some kids it was the best way

  4. These people are clearly anti-Torah, as it clearly says "חֲנֹךְ לַנַּעַר, עַל-פִּי דַרְכּוֹ-- גַּם כִּי-יַזְקִין, לֹא-יָסוּר מִמֶּנָּה." in Mishlei 22:6. If they don't follow what Hashem told us here, their children may go off the derech as they age.

    Someone needs to put out a pashkevil against these anti-Torah people :-)


  5. Rafi, Merorot has been around for a while now. Why is there a balagan now? (I heard something about Tov and getting them space, but I would think that that's over with)

  6. Rafi - This school is not a "re-incarnation" of Meorot, but a new school that will be - at least officially - affiliated with Meorot. The primary reason for this affiliation is that it is quite difficult to get approval to set up a new, recognized school. By associating with Meorot, the new school is able to rely on Meorot's already in-place recognition.

    The plan is for Meorot to continue as it is, serving its current "clientele", while the new school is intended to, at least in part, be a "continuation" of the type of education provided by schools like Magen Avot, though both would be under the auspicies of Rav Granit, currently head of Meorot (and an excellent educator). That's also why there is now the major opposition to the new - the current students in Meorot are, at least for the most part, students who did not "fit in" in the standard Chareidi system for one reason or another, so the heavy-duty Chareidi "Askanim" were willing to ignore it - it wasn't a threat to "their group's" boys. The new school, though, is targeted at boys who want a Ma'arava-type education, but for one reason or another, could not go to Ma'arava, Nehora, etc. (either they wanted to stay home, they could not afford it, or were not accepted due to space constraints, etc.). Once again, Askanim are trying to protect their turf at the expense of the community.

  7. Maybe its no the askanim and their "turf" as you call it. Maybe its the Gedolim and how they view the generation should be educated. I know if you blame the askanim then you dont need to listen to them, but if its the gedolim, then youre (potentially) in trouble.

  8. It's a well established fact that the gedolim have recommended privately to boys on an individual basis to go to these types of yeshivas when and if they feel it's appropriate. They also agree privately that these schools can and should exist. At the same time there is tremendous pressure to make it seem as though it's bad and assur, because if not a lot of other parents will start demanding that their kids also be allowed to learn at least math and decent reading and writing skills. That could lead to an end to Chareidi society as we know it. Don't be so naive.

  9. anonymous - thanks for the clarification. I had understood, from the way it had been explained to me, that th new school is relying and basing itself on Meorots infrastructure, but I understood that Meorot itself was closing and this school would be ints place. I was not aware that both schools would be operating using Meorots infrastructure, thus making the new school completely separate and not a reincarnation.

  10. Mr in the know - from your post, it sounds like it IS in fact the gedolim who are against it and leading the fight against it, while at the same time realizing that there are people who need such a school.

    I think the concern is that such a school, if sanctioned, will pull people out the yeshiva framework, students who can handle learning and can potentially become great talmidei chachomim, and place them in such a school. This is what the gedolim are against, and this is why they lead the fight against the school.

    If someone is not going to yeshiva anyways, then they would advise this school over a mizrachi school, or a different school with less learning

  11. Rafi - I'm the one who posted regarding the plan to keep Meorot open. What I posted is what I was told by Rav Granit back in December; it is possible that plans may have changed. I do know that at the time, one of the questions I asked Rav Granit was whether or not the boys that are now in Meorot's 8th grade would be in the new place, and his response was that no, they'd remain in the existing school.

  12. Does anyone know what the "local gedolim" are saying about this?

  13. and who are the "lcal gedolim"?

  14. Anonymous-
    Isn't it a bit foolish to refer to this type of school as being "out of the yeshiva framework"??? I guess according to you, boys who go to Mir, Chaim Berlin, Torah Vodaas, Ner Yisroel, Torah Temimah etc. are all "not going to yeshiva anyways."

    By the way- what yeshiva high school did you go to (if any)? What a relief that they managed to produce a true "daas torah" man despite the limudei chol.

  15. Who pays for these stupid pashkevilim when there are so many families in town with no money (...b/c the fathers didn't learn basic math and English in high school and can't get decent jobs?)


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