Mar 16, 2010

Daas Torah as per the latest pashkevil

Somebody in RBS is working on opening a Yeshiva High School.

There are new posters plastered up around the neighborhood descrying the fact, and saying nobody should assist him, parents should not register their kids there, and chas v'shalom to touch even a small bit the framework and appearance of the holy yeshivas. Parents should only send to the holy yeshivas, and only then will they see nachas and success from their children.

The poster is not signed, but some name sof gedolim are printed. Does that mean they support this poster or that the printer felt like adding their names at the bottom?


  1. "Charedi" Yeshiva High Schools exist in a few places and this pashkivil seems strange, it has no names of local Rabbonim, for one.

  2. Yes, it's much better for 35% of the kids in RBS to fail out of the system, sit on the streets smoking, drinking, chasing girls and threatening people as they walk by.

    That's MUCH better, yeah.

  3. Akiva - your argument is not sound. They are failing out of the system because their parents have internet at home, not because of the school systems supported by the gedolim.


    Hey, where are all the kids who have internet at home supposed to go, if the schools dont allow such kids in, as per the new rules (though right now they are not being enforced)... maybe this school should advertise itself as a school for kids with internet at home...

  4. A mechanech I know predicted this....

    If it's the school he was talking about, they were planning to create in image of being a "charedi" version of Maarava. He said that defenders of the yeshiva ketanas would immediately respond to someone attempting to blur the lines and claim to be just like them but with modifications.

    Maybe the internet thing isn't being enforced because every time the call a suspected family the response is "yes we have internet but we only look at the Yated world summary site" ;-)

  5. haha... you cant be a haredi version of maarava, as I understand it maarava itself has gone far more haredi than it used to be. When I went to yeshiva, I had some friends who were graduates of maarava. I met many of their friends as well. In those days, many went on to yeshiva, and many went on to hesder. some came from mordern yeshivish backgrounds and some came from more Dati Leumi backgrounds. Nowadays they almost all go on to yeshiva and almost none to hesder, and almost all come from yeshivish backgrounds and almost none from Dati Leumi. They all have to wear hats. Maarava is already a haredi school, albeit in the high school format.

    I dont think they are worried about the lines blurring. I think they are worried it will become popular and the society will change along with it. They will lose their base of support.

  6. "Holy Yeshiva" is a euphemism for a school for high school aged kids with no secular studies.

  7. What a great marketing scheme for the new yeshiva!

  8. no no Akiva and Rafi the kids go off the derech because the parents forgot to dontate to Kupat HaIr!!

    If the new yeshiva is to have any success, he better make a quick big donation now!

  9. "Holy Yeshiva" is where Robin went to school. (Holy Yeshiva Batman!)

  10. Akiva:
    Those who oppose this schools would not necessarily disagree that this schoold would be better than the streets for the 35% you refer to.

    That, however, would not justify its existence. Their concern is that the other 65% (or the top 10%) "who are destined to be our future Gedolim" will become tainted (and therefore not become Gedolim.)

    Not that I accept their argument, but that's how they think.

  11. I am a bit unsure of just what the problem is with this. Is this any different then what the holy Rebbe of Chortokov tried to do in having the talmidim who are not going to be in learning indefinately learn a trade? I see no problem with this and I only hope that it is true and those who are trying to start this are not intimidated by those who would oppose this.

  12. The anti-Tusher RebbeMarch 17, 2010 6:06 AM

    this is not das Torah, it is someone letting his rear end do the talking.

    100 yrs. ago the vast maj. of haredi yoots went to work, not Yeshiva.

    Today we have a brocho of people going to to learn for many more years - even after marriage.

    If someone wants to supplement that brocho with preparation for functioning in the modern world - this is certainly 100% Kosher l'mehadrin l'chatchila.

    Enough of this Tush Torah.

    I hope the organizers of this yeshiva ignore these goons. They should know that their Yeshiva is a major boon for Klal Yisroel. Halevai others followed them.

  13. the anti-Tusher RebbeMarch 17, 2010 6:10 AM

    ps. I am not necessarilty against the Tosher Rebbe from Motreal, just all these imbeciles pretending to be Daas TOrah and cynacally manipulating nonagenarian Talmidei Chachomim (luchos v'shivrei luchos munochos b'aron) in the process.

  14. I hope the project takes off and succeeds! I think Zev Tyberg is the "founding parent" of this new school.

    I'd send my kid!

    Ari Enkin

  15. HaRav Chayim, HaRav Chayim Solo, HaRav Chayim Soloveichik!

    The voice of sanity in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

  16. To "Necessary" -

    Rav Chayim Solovetichik may well be the voice of sanity, but your reference to him sounded cultish rather than sane!


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